Disease Prevention

  • Bio Plantella Copper Cuprovin 50

    Highly concentrated copper fertiliser for foliar application of vegetables, fruit and other plants and vine that enhances the natural resistance, photosynthesis and nutrient intake.

  • Bio Plantella Natur

    High-quality natural preparation based on the field horsetail plant that strengthens the plants and keeps them vital and resistant against stress during the entire vegetation period. The product is ready for use.

  • Bio Plantella Natur concentrate

    Natural preparation based on the field / common horsetail plant strengthens the plants and keeps them vital during vegetation period.

  • Bio Plantella Chitosan

    100 % organic product to increase the natural resistance of vegetables and fruit plants.

  • Vivera Switch 62.5 WG

    Fungicide for the control of the cause of Botryotinia Fuckeliana on ornamental plants, garden vagetables, vine and strawberries.


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Bio Plantella

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Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle


User-friendly insecticides for an insect-free home


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Effect Rodent

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Glodacid plus

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