Natural grafting resin

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Bio Plantella Arbosan

High-quality natural grafting resin Bio Plantella Arbosan for covering wounds made when grafting or other injuries to trees and bushes. Provides faster wound healing and prevents bacteria from spreading.


Effective plant protection that prevents various illnesses from infecting the plants with:

  • Good elasticity even at low temperatures,
  • Appropriate thickness for ideal sore and wound coverage,
  • Helps the tissue to recover faste,
  • Prevents germs form entering the plants.


The natural grafting resin Arbosan has the appropriate thickness to provide excellent wound coverage and healing other sores to prevent the illness from entering the plant. It helps the plants to recover more easily and quickly from wounds. It can be applied in the vegetation and stagnation period.


100 g, 250 g


For grafting: Apply the resin with a paintbrush around the scion to form a homogenous layer. It provides good tissue healing and protects the plants against infections. The resin is appropriate for all types of grafting.
For healing wounds: Can be used on all types of plants for protecting (closing, growing) various wounds made from grafting accidents, felling, breaks due to wind, hail,… It is used in dry weather and at temperatures, higher than 0°C. If the coat gets too diluted or soft, reapply the resin.

Storage: Bio Plantella Arbosan resin should be stored at temperatures, higher than 5°C. If a layer of water is set aside form the surface, stir well to make the product more homogenous.

Disposal: Never dispose the plastic bottle in the environment.

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Product Bio Plantella Arbosan 100 g Bio Plantella Arbosan 250 g
UPC/EAN code 3830001598391 3830001590081
Net weight in kg 0,116 0,29
Gross weight in kg 0,125 0,3
Product shape cone cylinder
Storage regime room temperature room temperature
Expiration date 1825 1825
Packaging mode cardboard cardboard
Nr. of layers per pallet 6 6

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