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Bio Plantella Garden

The high-quality 100% organic fertilizer with nutrients especially prepared for growing fruit vegetables. With added potassium from natural sources it provides tasty and firm fruit. Appropriate also for smaller gardens.

Enables a balanced natural diet and healthy plant growth due to:

  • Completely natural ingredients (animal and plant remains form the food-processing industry
  • Balanced NPK formula that enables a regulated root development and encourages healthy growth
  • • The granule form reduces nutrient loss (especially nitrogen) and provides the appropriate nutrient amount, because of the fast release near the roots
  • The added fulvic and humic acids provides large amounts of organic matter
  • With added natural potassium for tasty fruit
  • High content of dry matter (90%) and organic matter (65%) improves the water retention ability
  • Special thermal process makes the fertilizer completely weed-free and pathogen-free
  • Long-lasting effect enables rational fertilizing and prevents leaking into the groundwater and any risks of ignition

Packaging: 1kg, 1L

Directions for use:
The organic fertilizer is in the form of granules that are simply strewn on the surface. It is advisable to bury the granules into the soil to encourage immediate effectiveness, to enable the fertilizer to reach the roots faster and to decrease the nutrient losses. Use the fertilizer for regular initial fertilizing and soil preparation when sowing tomatoes and other fruit vegetables. Fertilize in spring, in the recommended dosage, and when the soil requires plenty of food at the start of the plant`s growth. Fertilize also in the fall when the soil is depleted and requires nourishment.

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Product Bio Plantella Vrt 1 L Bio Plantella Vrt 3 L
UPC/EAN code 3830001599015 3830043538430
Net weight in kg 1,1 3,64
Gross weight in kg 1,144 3,773
Product shape rectangle rectangle
Storage regime room temperature room temperature
Expiration date 1095 1095
Packaging mode foil cardboard
Nr. of layers per pallet 4 6

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Bio Plantella

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