Effect Rodent

EFFECT Rodent brand is an effective and user-target animals and the most friendly protection against mice and rats.

  • Effect Rodent Pasta/Soft Bait

    The best bait on the market for mouse and rat control in your home.

  • Effect Rodent Wax Blocks

    Effective mouse and rat bait with excellent efficacy even in damp areas.

  • Effect Rodent Pellets

    An effective mouse and rat bait with high cereal mixture content, appropriate for indoor use.

  • Effect Rodent Glue Board

    The product is meant for the control of rodents in houses, stores, barns and other buildings where the use of poisonous rodenticidal baits is restricted (because of the presence of pets, children). It can also be used as a monitoring device.


Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


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Effect Rodent

Place around the house, forget about rat and mouse!


Rat and mouse?
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