Innovative products

Our innovative team of young experts representing the development department has acquired special development and production expertise in the line of their work. With constant improvement and research they try to develop better and better products that ease the work for the users and do not pollute the environment. The experts also provide the technological capacities for insecticide micro-capsulation, membrane fertilizer technology, extruded rodent wax blocks, the equipment for developing ecological products for plant protection and other techniques for processing including method such as homogenization, casting, pressing,…


The development of new technologies and innovative products is an on-going aim at Unichem. In our efforts for progress we also include and co-operate with faculties and institutes at home and abroad, which provides increasingly high-quality products and market strength.

Innovative products and patents are already a fact in the following areas: the Effect insecticide micro-capsulation, the I-bite technology for a new rodent bait formulation and Ratimor soft bait, the formulation for the new long-lasting membrane fertilizer technology, the Plantella Tabs effervescent fertilizer …

We pay special attention and invest increasingly into providing a modern rodenticidal technology equipment, international registrations, a wide range of products, quality and product effectiveness, which provide a promising development and increase of rodenticide sales in Slovenia and abroad, for end customers as well as for professional rodent control operators.


Everything you need for the healthy growth of your green pets!

Bio Plantella

Natural, efficient, healthy!


User-friendly insecticides for an insect-free home


100 % effectively against insects!

Effect Protect

100 % effective protection against mosquitoes and ticks.


Rat and mouse?
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