Bio Plantella Universal Soil for Eco Garden and Flowers received the "Voted Product of the Year 2019" award

We are very proud that Slovenian buyers selected Bio Plantella Universal Soil for Eco Garden and Flowers for the prestigious award “Voted Product of the Year 2019” in the category of plant care products.

“Voted Product of the Year” is the world's largest award for innovative products and services in wide consumption, where consumers vote for the winning products. The concept was established in France 30 years ago and currently operates in more than 40 countries. This year in Slovenia these awards were given for 7th time.

We are aware that our consumers are increasingly searching for quality products and that for them it is very important to choose quality organic soil for planting their herbs, vegetables and ornamental plants, which undoubtedly also contribute to their healthier life.

The award-winning Bio Plantella Universal Soil was developed with the desire to pack high quality soil in the most convenient packaging. We are aware that it is not easy to carry large packages of soil from the store to the home, but with our unique packaging we have definitely made this much easier.

The new packaging technology enabled us to pack the soil in 2x smaller volume bag, while keeping the same high quality of the soil our consumers expect and desire.

The award - VOTED PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2019 Bio Plantella Universal Soil received definitely means that we are heading into the right direction. This is more incredible recognition for the company and the whole team since we are constantly trying to dictate market trends in gardening with our innovations and our own research and development expert team.


Anže Kovač in Tanja Mele, Unichem

At photo Anže Kovač in Tanja Mele (Unichem). Photo: Primož Predalič, Adria media Ljubljana

At photo: Gregor Gorenc (Poy Worldwide), Mateja L. Nacevski (Unichem), Tanja Mele (Unichem), Anže Kovač (Unichem), Romana Muha (Poy Wordwide) ; Photo: Primož Predalič, Adria media Ljubljana


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