Jurica Belle has been awarded as the best B2B salesperson of the year 2023 in Croatia


Jurica has been an indispensable part of the Unichem and Unichem Croatia team for the past five years, during which he has successfully and effectively capitalized on the opportunities that Unichem provides through its strategy of expanding programs into other markets within its subsidiary companies, along with its products and customer engagement approach. He has infused a high level of knowledge, skills, and communication abilities into this endeavour, along with his personal passion and dedication to both team and customer work, leading to the success of the company as well as his own.

Jurica believes that the secret to his success lies in his passion for his work. He firmly believes that passion is the key to overcoming the challenges that arise on the path to success. He says that with each challenge, he grows personally, as it motivates him to become even better at what he does. He also believes that communication is essential for successful business. He enjoys visiting his customers in the field, as this is the only way to understand their needs. One of the key factors that sets Jurica Belle apart from other salespeople is his commitment to understanding his customers, which is undoubtedly the key to successful sales. He also places great importance on education and ensures that the end consumer, using our brand products, enjoys a better quality of life.

Jurica's success is also based on his ability to communicate, and his exceptional knowledge of the products offered by Unichem. He establishes a mutual relationship with his customers, which leads to their loyalty to Unichem's brands: Plantella, Bio Plantella, Effect, Effect Protect, and Ratimor. This connection is highly valued, as is evident among business customers.

THE AWARD FOR THE BEST B2B SALESPERSON OF THE YEAR, received by Jurica Belle of Unichem Agro d.o.o., is not only a recognition of his hard work and dedication but also a reminder to everyone else in the company of the importance of following their passion and placing customers at the center of their operations. Jurica is an excellent example of how knowledge and talent can be combined into a formula for successful sales, motivating all of us to continue with our mission - helping our customers create a better quality of life.

Congratulations once again on the well-deserved recognition! We wish you continued success and more such achievements with us.


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