Ratimor & Effect products for professional use have the new web page

Ratimor and Effect are two of the leading brands of highly effective Pest Control Products; Ratimor for the protection against Rodents and Effect for the protection against Insects - in and around buildings (household and industrial environments).

A brand-new web page was recently developed and is ready for the existing and potential buyers to check it out. There you can find information regarding the variety of the products, different formulation possibilities, about product usage, and test results.

You can also find some interesting info regarding the pests and the solutions on how to get rid of them.

Check it out at ratimor-effect-pestcontrol.com/ 



Everything you need for the healthy growth of your green pets!

Bio Plantella

Natural, efficient, healthy!


User-friendly insecticides for an insect-free home


Effectively against insects!

Effect Protect

Effective protection against mosquitoes and ticks.


Rat and mouse?
No, thanks!