Gaia Club

The most distinct feature of the club is the magazine Gaia, which covers all topics from the fields of ecological gardening, fruit growing, fertilizing, ornamental plants, vegetable gardens, herbs, healthy life styles and other similar contents. Gaia club members are eager to receive it every 15th day of the month.

Our expert gardeners team offers cost-free advice via phone or email, more than 100 specialized lectures in various Slovene cities each year. They also arrange club meetings, prize competitions, discounts, excursions and trips for all the botanical gourmets.

Every year members are also invited to a three-day specialized meeting that usually takes place on the seacoast. Approximately 1000 members visit this annual meeting and enjoy the dozen educational lectures provided by the most acknowledged Slovene experts from the vegetable and plant field.

The makers of Gaia have an ecological mission, so the magazine Gaia also features an ecological supplement dealing only with ecological issues. It also includes the special project Young gardener, which is intended to awaken interest in young people for cooperating with nature in an ecological framework.

The largest gardening internet community

Club Gaia has the largest web community on that provides practical information for dealing with plant growing problems and offers possibilities for gardeners to communicate with other members of the web community.

On the site registered members can put up photos of their gardens and design their own gardening calendar, see other people`s gardens and comment on them. They can compete in various prize contests, chat with experts and view cost-free gardening videos and search for information on typical plants found in Slovene gardens in the copious plant glossary.


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