Founding of the company Unichem, d. o. o. as the first private company for home and garden product production.


Biotoll deratizacijsko lepilo

Expanding the production program from a single product – Biotoll deratization adhesive – onto other insecticides for insect control and phytopharmaceutical products for insect control and plant disease prevention Vivera.

The rapid development of the production of the deratization and dezinsection program of the trademarksBiotoll, Ratibrom and Glodacid as well as trademarks for plant nourishment and protectionVivera, Plantella and Bioplant.


Founding of the retail subsidiaryGrunt d. o. o. for the sale of private and other home and garden products, which led to the opening of five stores in the Ljubljana area and surroundings.


Revija Gaia oktober 2011Founding of the company Unichem Gaia, d. o. o., which founded the club Klub Gaia as the organizer of educational events, counseling events and gatherings of garden enthusiast as well as user of garden products that requires additional knowledge for handling. In 1994 the first magazine Gaia was published, in a simple and modest form.

The magazine Gaia has been issued for the past 17 years, nowadays it is published in a modern, up-to-date form, in 31.000 copies per month.

Club Gaia offers several activities to spread ecological and general amateur gardening.


Intensive growth of the company has been the reason why the company has been classified among the first ten candidates for the Slovene Gazelle award – the award for fastest growing company.

We have reached the position among the top three leading companies in our category and have expanded the product offer in the following product lines: Biotoll, Ratimor, Glodacid, Plantella, Bioplant, Vivera. We also began with a new and more intense development of the ecological products Bioplant and organic fertilizers (Biogrena).



The scope of business operations, expanding the production program, export activities and the number of employees demanded careful planning and moving to a new, larger location. All production, storage and other business facilities have been moved from several locations around Ljubljana and surroundings to the new, larger location in Sinja Gorica, in Vrhnika, where we are still located today.


The export endeavors and better market success as well as our long-term goals for the company growth were the reason for a complete renewal of the trademarks, for the future launching of subsidiaries on particular markets and for the preparation of strategies to transmit the business operations onto the chosen markets. We decided on a gradual opening of subsidiaries in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, as well as intensive cooperation with distributers on the markets of former Yugoslavia. We noted an increase in export of the complete company sale that year.



Transforming the trademark Plantella and broadening the program with the new organic fertilizers Organik and Plantella special soils. Presenting the new design on all business markets.

Founding the Croatian subsidiary UNICHEM AGRO d. o. o. ., and launching all the activities for sale on the Croatian market.


Transforming the trademark Bioplant into the line for eco-gardening Bio Plantella and expanding the program for natural plant protection (Prima, Aktiv, Arion) and with organic fertilizers (Humin, Topgreen, Vita).

Transforming the trademark Biotoll with adding a new, playful image at the expense of pests .

Founding of the subsidiary in Poland UNICHEM POLSKA sp., z o. o.and launching all activities for sale on the Polish market.

The ecological endeavors of Unichem’s experts are awarded with the public award of the Ecological development fund of the Republic of Slovenia, which declared the environment-friendly plant nourishment and protection products of the line Bio Plantella to be the 'eco-product of the year 2002'..


Finalizing the Unichem web site and the Gaia gardening vault as the largest internet library for gardening content and information.

The introduction of the new trademark Biogard for personal protection against ticks and mosquitoes.

Founding the subsidiary in the Czech Republic UNICHEM AGRO CZ, s. r. o., and launching all the activities for sale on the Czech market.


Popolna nega za balkone

The introduction of the most appealing products for balcony and house plants Plantella Blossom and Plantella Leaf Its added organic components present a unique product on the market and together with its high-quality five-component soil for balcony plants Plantella Balkonia provide the most effective product and consequently the most satisfied customers.


The company`s endeavors to underline the importance of ecological gardening. have led to the introduction of eco-points in all the points of sale. We have also organized and carried out more than 100 courses on eco-gardening as well as the media supported campaign'For natural and healthy gardening'.

The new addition to the line of eco-products with added natural liquid fertilizer, based on sea algae Bio Plantella Garden.

Founding the subsidiary in Hungary Unichem Gaia KFT and launching all the activities for sale on the Hungarian market.


Fast growth, export markets, the broadest hobby and professional program all demand an exact strategy, which was in 2006 written down in the most important strategic document of the company – the 'Action development strategy of the company for the period 2006–2010'. It is revised every year, when we also add new activities for reaching the desired goal and choosing the projects, aimed to take us there. This year we have already prepared the strategy for the 2011–2015 period.

Plantella semena za travo

The introduction of the new lawn seed line in the frame of the trademark Plantella.


The introduction of the new trademark Effect – a new, Slovene trademark for the field of insecticides. It provides the perfect and effective protection against all types of insects (flying, crawling) and offers a wide range of products – 15 products for insect control in all forms (aerosol, spray, bait, powder, concentrate,…), suitable for application in various areas and conditions, appropriate for all users and praised for its environment- and user-friendliness. We also offer unique products, which none of our competitors have (Faracid – insecticide against Pharaoh ants, natural powder against ants, natural pheromone baits, insecticides against wasps and hornets, etc.) A strong presentational promotion helps to introduce and enforce the brand.

The introduction and upgrade of the complete information system SAPin Slovenia and the subsidiaries.

Tekmovalci vrtnarskega tekmovanja Zeleni izziv

The introduction of the popular garden design competitionthe Green challenge, a reality show, which has been organized together with the media house Delo&Dom and the television station RTV SLO for the fifth time in a row this year and signifies a great contribution to the development of gardening and eco-gardening in Slovenia.


Unichemov logistični center v Logatcu

The construction and opening of the new distribution-production center in Logatec, Slovenia,, the high rack warehouse spreads over 5.000 m2 wide, can contain 4.000 pallets and is completely electronically run.

The introduction of a new line of rodenticides that are more environment-friendly -Effect Rodent which is based on the active ingredient difenacum.


The introduction of a new line of smart fertilizing products – a single fertilizer application throughout the year is enough, the products are based on a completely new technology, the property of Unichem`s own development laboratory – the Plantella Formula 365.

Founding of the subsidiary in Slovakia UNICHEM SLOVAKIA, s. r. o., and launching all the activities for sale on the Slovak market.



Plantella Tabs, a new and one-of-a-kind effervescent tablet fertilizer - the new technology of the future, presenting the trends and guidelines of gardening development. As the same time it is a product that is user-friendly, as it enables easier and more pleasant plant care.



Awarded the title of best garden product of the year for the effervescent tablet Plantella Tabsat a conference in Finland

Soft bait Ratimor wins the best rodenticide award in Poland. 








Unichem among top 5 exporters and recipient of the ESG certification
We are honoured to have been recognised at the 9th Export Conference in Brdo pri Kranju as one among five of the top Slovenian exporters of the year and we also received an honorary certificate for active operation in the area of Environmental & Social Governance (ESG). 





Socially Responsible Employer accession certificate

In early 2022, the company proceeded to obtain a Socially Responsible Employer accession certificate within the framework of the co-financing from the European Social Fund by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union. On the basis of an analysis of the status and implementation of the basic measures and the implementation plan of the selected measures, the company was awarded the Socially Responsible Employer accession certificate in the field of organisational management by a Decision dated 30/9/2022.



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