Quality is our guiding principle.

We are committed to constantly improve our processes and products, in accordance with the acquired standards SIST ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14000. We always try to provide our customers and business partners with high-quality products, produced in carefully supervised processes and with as little environmental effect as possible (mostly with decreasing our waste quantity).

In the company UNICHEM, d. o. o. we produce and market products for plant protection and nutrition, and products for protection against insects and rodents. We work in accordance with all the necessary legislation and provide the required production, storage and distribution supervision.

The certification granting body of TÜV SÜD Management Service Gmbh has issued a certificate for the »development, production and marketing of products for plant protection and nutrition, and product for protecting the living areas«, which was described and introduced by Unichem as a system of quality management and environment management. Their opinion and report Nr. 70044039 proves that the demands of standards ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001: 2004 are fully satisfied. This certificates are regularly renewed.

We strive to achieve long-lasting relationships on all levels – with end users, business partners and employees. Our company politics enshrines care for our products form development through the production process and successful and effective use. This is enabled with careful planning and marketing in the net of salesmen and commercialist, visiting consumer goods stores and specialized home and garden centers.

But with selling the product our work is not finished. We offer our customers a range of post-sales services, help and educational services.

Parts of our assets are continually invested in new production technologies that will provide quality, the necessary production capacities and increased environmental protection. One of our goals is to reach nature-friendly product production that has been gradually followed and aligned for the past two decades.

We continually follow the trends of our fields and with the help of our experts we can also regularly present innovations to our customers. We are constantly raising the bar – improving the knowledge of employees with internal or external education that improves our business as a whole.


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