Social Responsibility

Ever since founded, Unichem has been aware that next to good business results, what also matters are the activities that provide the employees and the local community a richer, better and quality life.

Our main socially beneficial initiatives are:

Taking care of our employees

All the business success of Unichem is based on the eagerness, zest, loyalty, knowledge and drive of our employees. We strive to attract, keep and motivate the most innovative, loyal and capable employees and to bring in the international company culture.

Beneficial integration into the community

In the centre of all our initiatives we find the aim to be a part of the community and to listen to the needs of our local life.

Encouraging nature-friendly attitudes and actions

We believe that educating gardeners contributes to spreading the knowledge of gardening and helps improve the development of eco-friendly gardening, self-maintaining gardens and having beautiful as well as well-maintained surroundings at home and in our country in general. That is why we organize more than 100 lectures all around Slovenia each year.

Supporting socially beneficial projects through sponsorships

We firmly believe that our efforts for sustainable development and caring for the needs of our society are evidence of our success. That is why we sponsor numerous projects form the gardening sector, invest in actions for a healthy life, rural development, safe environment, education, cultural heritage and culture.

Helping the society through humanitarian events and donations

At Unichem community responsibility is an integral part of business and reflects our attitude to the environment and to the common living space. Our efforts reach far beyond the field of social activities, as we take on the active role in various actions and events, with providing material and financial resources. We find the most important to be investments and donations to ecology and humanitarian affairs.


Socially responsible employer, the environmental efforts and sustainability policies of the company are part of unichem’s business strategy

We are an international, sustainable and people-friendly company creating the most efficient products for plant care and home protection against pests, while ensuring that we remain nature- and eco-friendly. We care for our employees and pay particular attention to scholarship recipients and pensioners of the company, we strive to create a stimulating work environment, to implement continuous improvements proposed by the employees themselves, to establish good interpersonal relations, to strengthen teamwork and the overall atmosphere.

In early 2022, the company proceeded to obtain a Socially Responsible Employer accession certificate within the framework of the co-financing from the European Social Fund by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union.

On the basis of an analysis of the status and implementation of the basic measures and the implementation plan of the selected measures, the company was awarded the Socially Responsible Employer accession certificate in the field of organisational management by a Decision dated 30/9/2022.

The company will officially receive this certificate at an award ceremony on December 9, 2022.

With our values – knowledge/trust; innovation; care for nature/sustainability; satisfaction; efficiency/determination and respect/cooperation – we ensure that our business operations, work with employees, cooperation with users of our products and product consumption itself are sustainable. 


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