Vision, Mission, Values

Our wide range of innovative solutions to plant nurturing and protection against pests offers the best appearance of your home and surroundings.

We follow 6 main principles when making our decisions and providing high standards:

  1. Live up to commitments
  2. Perform at world class level
  3. Attract, train and motivate the best employees
  4. Continually grow and develop business-wise
  5. Contribute positively to communities and our environment
  6. Be aware that further development is essential for future success

Unichem stands for:

  • a professional approach, up-to-date assistance and high technology service and information support;
  • an in-depth knowledge and effective, technologically advanced, eco-friendly and cost-efficient production;
  • high added value due to well-connected and high-quality business processes;
  • user-directed and always heading towards future development …

Our values


Everything you need for the healthy growth of your green pets!

Bio Plantella

Natural, efficient, healthy!


User-friendly insecticides for an insect-free home


Effectively against insects!

Effect Protect

Effective protection against mosquitoes and ticks.


Rat and mouse?
No, thanks!