Disease Prevention

  • Bio Plantella Natur

    High-quality natural preparation based on the field horsetail plant that strengthens the plants and keeps them vital and resistant against stress during the entire vegetation period. The product is ready for use.

  • Bio Plantella Super

    High-quality natural preparation based on soy lecithin, which strengthens the cell walls and keeps the plants vital during the vegetation period and increases their resistance to illnesses. The preparation is ready for use.


Everything you need for the healthy growth of your green pets!

Bio Plantella

Natural, efficient, healthy!

Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle


User-friendly insecticides for an insect-free home


Effectively against insects!

Effect Rodent

Place around the house, forget about rat and mouse!


Rat and mouse?
No, thanks!

Glodacid plus

Mouse and rat, stop!