Special Citrus Fertilizer

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Plantella Special Citrus Fertilizer

Special mineral fertilizer for increases citrus plant growth and yield.


  • mineral special fertilizer – fast and target action and easy dosage,
  • in form of granule pieces that last longer,
  • small consumption,
  • appropriate main NPK nutrient and micronutrient composition.


Plantella special citrus fertilizer is adapted to satisfy all the needs of citrus plant nutrition. It can be used for fertilizing when planting (advisable to use also the Plantella soil for citrus plants), as well as for additional fertilizing. The fertilizer is in granule form and is therefore very easy to use. It provides proper plant nutrition, stimulates growth, flowering and plant fertility.


Add the fertilizer when planting (a fist-full or, depending on the plant size, approx. 50g per m2). Later additionally fertilize the citrus trees in early spring or, in case of abundant flowering and fruit setting, also in May and August. The amount of fertilizer can also be distributed into smaller doses, added to the soil form early spring to autumn. The fertilizer is evenly strewn around the plants. It is advisable to hoe the fertilizer into the soil and water the plant after fertilizing.


10–5–15 + MgO: 2 + micronutrients


  1. JAN
  2. FEB
  3. MAR
  4. APR
  5. MAY
  6. JUN
  7. JUL
  8. AUG
  9. SEP
  10. OCT
  11. NOV
  12. DEC

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