Organic fertilizer for seedlings

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Plantella Organik for Seedlings

100 % organic long-lasting fertilizer that helps plants develop a deep and strong root system.


  • 100 % organic fertilizer with highest content of organic matter and rich with humic and fulvic acids.
  • Helps plants develop a deep and strong root system.
  • Creates an appropriate environment for healthy growth and development of young plants.
  • Allows gradual release of nutrients and thus provides the plant with nutrients throughout the growing season.
  • Increases the organic matter in the soil, accelerates the formation of humus and the development of microorganisms.
  • Ensures suitable soil structure, aeration and increases water retention capacity.
  • Weeds and diseases free.
Plantella Organik for Seedlings is allowed for use in ORGANIC production by European regulation ES 834/2007.

Purely organic fertilizer for seedlings is developed specially for planting and transplanting all sorts of seedlings: roses and other ornamental plants, berries, vegetables, fruit and ornamental trees or shrubs.

Seedling quality greatly depends on the soil quality and health: only in well-prepared soil with enough nutrients your seedlings will grow into big and strong plants. Healthy soil rich with humus enables the seedling to form healthy, deep root system, which is crucial for healthy growth, lush flowering or fruit development.

Plantella Organik fertilizer for seedlings contains the highest share of organic matter, so it increases the organic matter and humus in the soil. It also ensures suitable soil structure, aeration and increases water retention capacity. By this it creates an appropriate environment for young vulnerable plants, ensures faster and stronger root growth and development of healthy plants.

The fertilizer also contains all necessary macro and secondary nutrients in organic form. Special formula and form of the pellets allows gradual release of nutrients, depending on the temperature and plants' needs. With this it ensures a steady and balanced nourishment of young plants all season long.

A special thermal treatment guarantees the fertilizer is weeds and diseases free.

Directions for use:
Dig a hole that is wider and about as deep as the seedlings root ball and put half of prescribed amount of Plantella Organik for Seedlings on the bottom. Then mix other half of prescribed amount of fertilizer into the soil you removed from the hole and save it for refilling the hole, once the seedling is planted. This will help the plant acclimate to its new home. It is very important not to give the fertilizer directly to the roots of the plants, because it might damage the roots. 

Water at least once per week, to get your plant established. You will know it has acclimated when it starts to send out new growth.

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