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Effect against crawling insects

Effect insecticide against crawling insects achieves extremely long-term efficacy (up to 6 months) as a result of specific membrane microcapsules, allowing slower release of active substance, enhanced with direct sticking of capsules to insects , that results in increasing efficiency of insecticide.


  • long term protection of up to 6 month against crawling insects
  • extended operation is provided by the form of preparation, since the active substances are in the microcapsules
  • microcapsules disintegrate when in contact with air and are being spread throghout the basis that is treated with the preparation
  • faster performance due to the presence of two active substances
  • indoor and outdoor use
  • the addition of PBO provides higher pest control efficiency
  • very suitable for suppression of ants and cockroaches


Multi-purpose insekticide Effect is based on permethrin substance. It is recommended for protection of internal and external surfaces against flies, mosquitoes, ants, moths, mites, silver fish, cockroaches, lice and other types of insects ...

A special contact based formula provides immediate suppression of annoying insects. Added repellent provides long term protection of up to 3 months against insects. Agent is extremely resistant to light and therefore effectively protects the exterior surfaces. It has a pleasant smell and produces no stains.


500 ml


It should be sprayed in areas where crawling insects are often spotted, such as wall cracks and lower edges of inner and outer walls. It is necessary to avoid contact with treated surfaces after application. For longer protection it is recommended to repeat the process after two or three weeks until crawling insects are completely suppressed. The preparation is light and high temperature resistant. For use on smooth surfaces such as wood, glass, ceramics 30ml (equals two pushes to spray button) of preparation should be applied to 1 m2 of surface. Shake well before use.

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