100 % organic product to increase the natural resistance of plants

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Bio Plantella Chitosan

100 % organic product to increase the natural resistance of vegetables and fruit plants.


  • made from natural material chitin (shells and skeletons of arthropods)
  • strengthens the plant's defence mechanisms against stress factors
  • improves germination and early plant development
  • increases the yield and improves the health and appearance of plants
  • for use outdoors and in greenhouses

Chitosan hydrochloride is on the list of basic substances (1107/2009).

Bio Plantella Chitosan is a 100 % organic agent that strengthens the natural resistance of plants. High-quality natural preparation is ideal for preventing illness spreading on fruit trees, garden vegetables and fruits and ornamental plants.

Watering with Bio Plantella Chitosan has a balancing effect on microorganisms living in the soil - organisms with a positive effect are promoted, whereas soil-borne pathogens are repressed. 


The agent is packed in 4 x 4 g bags. 1 bag suffices for 10 l of water or 100 m² area. Foliar application.


Chitosan can be used in a watering can as well as with a common spraying device for agriculture. 
We recommend not exceeding a dilution of 1:4000. 
Stock solution: Put 1 teaspoon of Chitosan in 1 glass of water, let stand for 30 minutes

16 g

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