Field Horsetail extract

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Bio Plantella Natur

High-quality natural preparation based on the field horsetail plant that strengthens the plants and keeps them vital and resistant against stress during the entire vegetation period. The product is ready for use.


  • Completely organic basis,

  • High mineral share,

  • Strengthens the plant cells and prevents the germs from intruding the plant,

  • The components improve the necessary development and plant growth.


The natural preparation that includes carefully chosen field horsetail extract, rich in silicon, calcium and cobalt, and the optimal share of minerals and vitamin E. The silicon acid fortifies the plant cell walls and makes them more resistant, the added sulphurous acids strengthen the plant.

Due to the high silicon, calcium and cobalt share, as well as other minerals in the field horsetail it is ideal for preventing illness spreading on fruit trees, garden vegetables and ornamental plants (used against grey mould, mould, apple scab, wilting, fungus diseases like scale, disease-weakened plants). By choosing the appropriate plants and the correct formulation the impact is highly increased.

500 ml

Shake the Bio Plantella Natur bottle well before application and spray the plants thoroughly. The product does not have a safety period, so it can be used several times in a season, preferably every 7 days or after heavy rain, during the entire vegetation period. Mixing with other products is not advisable.

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Product Bio Plantella Natur 500 mL
UPC/EAN code 3830043539765
Net weight in kg 0,61
Gross weight in kg 0,65
Product shape rectangle
Storage regime room temperature
Expiration date 730
Packaging mode cardboard
Nr. of layers per pallet 4

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