Yellow Adhesive Plates

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Bio Plantella Yellow Adhesive Plates

The Bio Plantella Yellow Adhesive Plates are an excellent mechanical and completely natural protection of plants against a wide range of plant pests found in the vegetable garden and on fruit trees.

Effective plant protection against pests due to:

  • Specifically chosen yellow color that lures the pest into the trap
  • High-quality entomologic adhesive with fast action, i.e. all pests, even the light ones, quickly adhere to the layer
  • Special adhesive that does not wash away and does not dissolve
  • Long-lasting effect (even up to several months) because of the high resistance to temperature and moisture changes - the plates remain stable even at higher temperatures (above 20 degrees Celsius) 
  • Silicon paper protection - a silicon layer prevents plates from drying out, even with longer periods of disuse
  • Enclosed hanging wires provide easy use and keep the plates in place

The adhesive plates have a carefully chosen shade of yellow that strongly attracts numerous plant pests, such as cherry fruit flies, various leaf-miners, codling moths, olive flies, fruit sawflies and garden pests like leaf lice, greenhouse whiteflies, flea beetles, suckers, thrips and various flies, like the onion maggot. Once the pests approach the plate they become stuck on the fast active entomologic adhesive layer.

Video about Bio Plantella Yellow Adhesive Plates for Fruit Trees

Video about Bio Plantella Yellow Adhesive Plates for Vegetable Garden




10 adhesive plates

Directions for use:

For effective plant protection hang the plates evenly distributed 20-24 pieces per 100m2 in orchards, greenhouses or in open spaces. With high growing garden plants (tomatoes, cucumbers) a larger plate number is advised. If the adhesive layer gets excessively covered with pests, replace the plates with new ones.
Place the plates near branches. In the vegetable garden hang them on a stick, placed in the ground. During the fruit tree blossoming period take the plates down, so the bees will not get caught on them.

Can also be used for monitoring purposes, to quickly and accurately determine the quantity and type of the pest population and to respond to the pest situation quickly and appropriately.

Storage: Store the yellow plates in a dry place, at temperatures up to 35°C. Keep out of the reach of children and away from food, drinks and animal foodstuffs.

Removal: Remove the plates and packaging as municipal waste.

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Product Bio Plantella Yellow Adhesive Plates
UPC/EAN code 3830001590067
Net weight in kg 0,257
Gross weight in kg 0,297
Product shape rectangle
Storage regime room temperature
Expiration date 1825
Packaging mode cardboard
Nr. of layers per pallet 4

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