Organic fertilizer for olive trees

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Plantella Organik for olive trees

Organic fertilizer for olive trees with a high level of organic dry matter and added calcium, which is crucial for healthy growth and excellent yield.


  • increases the humus formation in the soil,
  • stimulates the plant enzymes,
  • increases the soil microorganism activity,
  • a high percentage of calcium, which is essential for the formation of pollen.


Organik for olive trees is a 100 % organic fertilizer in pellet form that is heat treated and contains no harmful foreign matter, weed seeds or diseases. The high organic matter level increases humus formation in the soil, contains water-soluble fertilizers in the soil, improves the soil air circulation, stimulates the plant enzymes and improves the soil microorganism activity. As a result the plants can absorb the nutrients more effectively, which means they take in a larger amount of minerals found in the fertilizer, the plants grow faster, it prevents complete mineral leakage into the underground water and reduces the pollution of the environment.


It is used for initial fertilizing and soil preparation. Fertilize, according to the instructions, in spring, when the soil requires enough nutrients for a proper olive tree growth start, and in autumn, when the soil is exhausted and require enriching. The organic fertilizer can be used throughout the entire growth period from February to November. As the fertilizer is in pellet form, it can easily be strewn on the soil surface. It is advisable to hoe the pellet into the soil for the fertilizer to begin working immediately – it reaches the root system faster and the nutrient leakage possibility is diminished.

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