Pasta/Soft Bait - brodifacoum

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Ratimor Pasta/Soft Bait - brodifacoum

The strongest and most effective rodent control product, a »single-feed« rodenticide.


  • Proven to be the most effective and palatable form of rodenticides
  • High efficacy due to the delayed action
  • Contains the aversive agent making the bait safer for humans and pets
  • Highly effective even in small doses
  • The most effective active ingredient brodifacoum
  • A special filter foil for additional user protection
  • Added attractants lure the rodents to the bait

Pasta Bait is a rodenticide, used for the eradication of house mice and black and brown rats. The active ingredient brodifacoum is fast and effective even against larger pest populations.

The product is effective even in small doses - a single bite is enough, because the featured product is a »single-feed« rodenticide that causes rodent demise after the first bait ingestion. This special delayed effect prevents other rodents from rejecting the bait.

The added attractant lures the rodents and the filter foil, surrounding the active ingredient, provides safe and precise dosage, and prolongs the bait’s efficacy. The product is highly effective even in areas with large amounts of other food available to the rodents.

The Glodacid Plus Pasta Bait is packed in small porous sachets (approximately 10g each) that prevent any contact between user and the rodenticidal active ingredient. They also prevent any moisture development and prolong the efficacy of the bait. Place the bait in areas where mice and rats appear. If people and other animals also enter these areas, cover the bait with planks or bricks.

Where to use the product:
Pasta Bait is a rodenticide used in agricultural product warehouses and storages, in food storages or on livestock farms.

Instructions for use:

  • For house mice (Mus musculus) apply 5-15 g, i.e. 1 bait every 2-4 m
  • For black rats (Rattus rattus) and brown rats (Rattus norvegicus) 25-50g, i.e. 3-5 baits every 5-10 m

For the best result place the piles of bait in near the rodent nests or where they appear. In case of a larger rodent population, increase the amount by 50%.


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