Wax Blocks - difenacoum

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Ratimor Wax Blocks - difenacoum

Effective mouse and rat bait with excellent efficacy even in damp areas.


  • Very stable despite difficult circumstances (direct sunlight, temperature changes, moisture)
  • Suitable for use in basements, sewers and areas around the house
  • Contains the aversive agent making the bait safer for humans and pets
  • New, modern formula with the least toxic substance difenacoum
  • Excellent moisture resistance and stability in various weather conditions
  • Additional attractants lure the rodents to the bait

Wax Blocks are the best choice for mouse and rat control in areas with increased moisture, like sewers, damp storages, and basements, etc., as the high level of paraffin provides exceptional moisture resistance.

The active ingredient difenacoum is the least toxic anticoagulant and is, therefore, the lea, therefore, to humans, non-target animals and the environment. The wax blocks are the best rodenticide to use in high moisture areas or exposed to direct sunlight or high temperature changes.

The blocks consist of the rodents` favorite food and the sharp edges increase the nibbling urge. Due to its angular shape and multiple edges it is also suitable for monitoring purposes. A special hole in the middle of the bait offers additional possibilities for use, like as part of a mouse or rat trap, as bait on a string, etc.

Where to use the product:
Wax Blocks are a rodenticide used in agricultural product storages and warehouses (where the goods are not in bulk), on livestock farms and food storages for pest control against rodents.

Instructions for use:

  • For house mice (Mus musculus) apply 30 g of bait every 2-5 m
  • For black rats (Rattus rattus) and brown rats (Rattus norvegicus) 180 g every 5-10 m

For the best result place them in piles. In case of a smaller rodent population, divide the pile into several smaller ones.


Set the wax blocks in places where there is a mouse or rat infestations, but in places where humans and other animals are also present, cover the bait. The used bait must be replaced with a new one. The rodents must have the bait available to them for a minimum of 15 days (mice) or 10 days (rats) or until all the rodents completely disappear. Remove the deceased animals.

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