Grain Bait - bromadiolone

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Ratimor Grain Bait - bromadiolone

Effective grain bait for mice and rats, packed in sachet for easy and safe use.


  • Very appealing for rodents due to the high amount of cereals contained
  • Additional attractants lure the rodents to the bait
  • Highly effective due to the delayed action
  • Contains the aversive agent making the bait safer for humans and pets
  • The active ingredient bromadiolone has the widest application range

A rodenticide in the form of grain bait, containing the active ingredient bromadiolone, is especially suitable for pest control for house mice and black and brown rats in living quarters and agricultural buildings. The delayed action and wide range of applications are two of the reasons why the grain bait is so popular with the professional control operators. An added attractant for luring in the rodents makes sure the product is extremely efficient.

The bait starts working immediately after ingestion, but the animal does not perish until a few days after ingestion, so that other rodents do not get frightened and avoid the bait. A special filter foil makes handling the bait very easy and precise, while still preventing moisture development and thus prolonging the effectiveness of the bait.

Where to use the product:
The Ratimor Grain Bait is a rodenticide used in agricultural product storages and warehouses (where the goods are not in bulk), on livestock farms and food storages for pest control against rodents.

Instructions for use:

  • For house mice (Mus musculus) apply 20–25 g, i.e. 2 -3 baits every 3-5 m
  • For black rats (Rattus rattus) and brown rats (Rattus norvegicus) 100- 150 g, i.e. 10-15 baits every 5-10 m

For the best result place them in piles. In case of a smaller rodent population, divide the pile into several smaller ones.


Place the Ratimor Grain Bait in areas where there are signs of mice and rats, like feces and damaged packagings. In areas where there are people and other animals, make sure the bait is hidden, unreachable and protected against moisture. The grain bait is packed inside smaller porous sachets that are not to be opened remove the deceased animals and prevent access to them.

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