Soy lecithin preparation

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Bio Plantella Super

High-quality natural preparation based on soy lecithin, which strengthens the cell walls and keeps the plants vital during the vegetation period and increases their resistance to illnesses. The preparation is ready for use.


  • soy lecithin is key to building cell walls to prevent fungi from intruding the plant,
  • effectively prevents and suppresses the plant diseases,
  • the wide spectre of effectiveness,
  • natural and environment-friendly composition.


Natural spray preparation Bio Plantella Super is an excellent product for plant strengthening that is best for effective plant protection during the entire vegetation period. Contains soy lecithin that is effective in two ways: it is nourishing and increases healthy growth, as well as increasing and thickening the plant`s cell wall. Such a strong plant is vital and resistant to all exterior effects and prevents the fungi from entering the plant and spreading the disease.

500 ml

Shake the Bio Plantella Super bottle well before application and spray the plants thoroughly. The product does not have a safety period, so it can be used several times in a season, preferably every 7 days or after heavy rain.

Do not use the products in strong sunlight – for best results spray in the evening hours.

Water protection:
When applying the product make sure to avoid polluting the waterways, wells, lakes and water sources by using the product at least 20 m away from them.

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Product Bio Plantella Super 500 mL
UPC/EAN code 3830001597486
Net weight in kg 0,61
Gross weight in kg 0,65
Product shape rectangle
Storage regime room temperature
Expiration date 730
Packaging mode foil
Nr. of layers per pallet 4

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