Gel against snails

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Bio Plantella Gel against snails

Completely natural mechanical protection of plants against all types of snails and slugs. Biodegradable, safe for children and pets.

Effective protection against snails due to:

  • Natural composition that makes it completely safe to use
  • Biodegradable quality prevents negative effects to the environment
  • High stability in various weather conditions that provide long-lasting protection up to two weeks
  • Excellent moisture resistance makes it effective at the highest snail activity
  • Possible application even onto vertical surfaces, which enables pest control of hanging baskets, entrances, …

The Bio Plantella Gel Against Snails is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic gel that forms a barrier which protects plants from slugs and snails.

Video Bio Plantella Gel Against Snails

Packaging: 1L

Directions for use: Flip cap open and apply product through the nozzle, forming a continuous barrier completely enclosing the area requiring protection (approximately 20 cm from plants). Apply directly to the ground or any other hard surface. Use Bio Plantella Gel against Snails when they are active.  Close cap after use. If the nozzle becomes blocked, wash with cold water. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

1 l suffices for up to 50 m of barrier

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Product Bio Plantella Gel against snails 1 L
UPC/EAN code 3830050600106
Net weight in kg 1
Gross weight in kg 1,163
Product shape rectangle
Storage regime room temperature
Expiration date 730
Packaging mode cardboard
Nr. of layers per pallet 4

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