Liquid fertilizer with seaweed

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Bio Plantella Vrt / Garden

High quality liquid organic fertilizer from sea-weed extract for healthy development, abundant flowering, increased yields and better quality of crop with full flavor.


  • 100 % organic composition.
  • Sea-weed provides an excellent development of plants
  • With added vitamins, natural plant growth hormone and a mixture of the necessary nutrients, amino acids and carbohydrates.
  • The right amount of nutrients for a healthy and strong root system, optimum growth and flowering.
  • A liquid form of fertilizer provides as many nutrients as required by the plants.

Bio Plantella Garden organic fertilizer is in liquid form, thus it provides appropriate quantities of nutrients. The main component is liquid extracts from sea-weeds that strengthen the root system, enable optimal reception of inorganic materials from the soil and ensure healthier development and rich and prolonged flowering. With added vitamins, fertilizer supports the healthy and steady growth and the formation of full flavoured and juicy fruit. With regular fertilizing the plant significantly increases metabolism and accelerates growth, increases yield as well as increases the resistance of plants to frost or other external stress conditions.

Directions for use:
Concentration for use is 10 ml of fertiliser in 1L of water (foliar or fertirrigation application):

  • vegetables 1x each 10 to 14 days;
  • balcony and ornamental plants 1x per week;
  • fruit trees – foliar application 1x every 14 days;
  • lawn 1x per week.
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