Protective coating for tree trunks

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Bio Plantella Protekt

Natural protective coating that protects the tree from the spring frost, lichen, moos and bark cracking, as well as preventing the pests form wintering on the tree.


  • Perfect protection of tree trunks, effective against illnesses and pests.
  • The white colour prevents frost and bark cracking.
  • Good coverage.
  • Highly appropriate for areas with severe heat.
  • Biological protection that nurtures the tree trunks and increases their elasticity.
  • No safety period.


Bio Plantella Protekt is a coating with the carefully chosen white colour and made from materials, completely harmless to the plants. It also offers complete protection of the tree trunks against the spring frost and illnesses and pests. The good coverage protects the trees throughout the entire winter.

Video Bio Plantella Protect for effective protection of tree trunks


1,5 kg

Before applying the natural protective covering Bio Plantella Protekt mix it well, if necessary dilute with water, adding up to 10%. Before application removes the loosened bark from the tree with a steel brush. Cover the tree from the ground up to the braches.

To protect the trees against the spring frost cover the tree bark with the natural protective coating Bio Plantella Protekt in December, January or February at the latest. Later the bark can expand during the day in the sun and under the bark, the juices start flowing. As the temperature drops below 0°C in the evening, the juices freeze, the bark tightens ups and cracks. This causes the vertical cracks and wounds that can easily be infected by the pest that can cause severe injuries to the plant.

If necessary repeat the bleaching in June to prevent the trees from sun branding. The white colour of the protective covering repels the sun`s rays and prevents the bark from cracking.

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