Wasp Powder

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Biotoll Wasp Powder

An effective insecticidal powder with a natural active ingredient, appropriate for the eradication of ants and other crawling insects.


  • Natural active ingredient
  • Immediate effect
  • Active ingredient decomposes quickly
  • The active substance source has an insecticidal effect of exsiccating the pests
  • Effective also against pharaoh ants

The insecticidal powder contains a completely natural active ingredient, based on the pyrethrum plant, which makes it suitable for protecting indoor and outdoor areas against ants and other crawling insects, effective even in food storage areas. The product acts extremely fast since the active substance has a contact action and even the active substance source has an insecticidal effect of exsiccating the insects. The active ingredient has a quick decomposition rate making it appropriate for indoor use.

Directions for use: 
When ants and other insects appear dust the wall edges and corners, where there is an ant infestation, in the following dosage: 2,5 g /m2 (1 teaspoon or 5 taps with the duster). In the vicinity of the nest apply 7.5 g / m2 (3 teaspoons or 15 taps with the duster). If the insects reappear, repeat the dusting.

50 g

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