Special Ant Control

  • Effect Mictotech concentrate

    Microtech effect concentrate has long-term efficacy (up to 6 months) as a result of specific membrane microcapsules, allowing slower release of active substance, enhanced with direct sticking of capsules to insects , that results in increasing efficiency of insecticide.

  • Effect Ant Powder

    An effective insecticidal powder with a natural active ingredient, appropriate for eradication of ants and other crawling insects.

  • Effect Faracid +

    A special insecticide for insect control of pharaoh and other ants with contact action and long-lasting protection of treated areas of up to 3 months.


Everything you need for the healthy growth of your green pets!

Bio Plantella

Natural, efficient, healthy!

Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle


User-friendly insecticides for an insect-free home


Effectively against insects!

Effect Rodent

Place around the house, forget about rat and mouse!


Rat and mouse?
No, thanks!

Glodacid plus

Mouse and rat, stop!