Insecticide against Wasps and Hornets

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Effect Insecticide against Wasps and Hornets

The insecticide with instant insect eradication and a long-lasting effect offers effective protection against wasps and hornets.


  • Safe spraying- from a distance of 4-6 meters
  • Instantly effective
  • Added PBO for increased effectiveness
  • Combination of two active insecticidal ingredients providing an instant and a long-lasting effect


Effect Aerosol against Wasps and Hornets is a contact spray insecticide with proven efficiency, designed for insect control of wasps and hornets. The special double active ingredient formula, based on permethrin and tetrametrhin, instantly eradicates the annoying insects and also provides an extended effect i.e. a long-lasting repellent action to keep the stinging pests away for a long time. The added PBO is a synergist that improves the formula efficiency.

Efficiency test

On field testing the Effect Against Wasps and Hornets has proven to perform 100% efficacy in less than 15 minutes. On top of that even within 24 hours after using the product there is no activity of wasps around the nest.

Directions for use

Shake before use. Hold the spray in a horizontal position. Spray from 3-4 meters into the wasp or hornet nest, 5 seconds long for eradicating wasps and 10 seconds for hornets. In case of rain, repeat procedure. Do not spray on people, pets, food, food utensils and cutlery.


750 ml

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Product Effect Insecticide against Wasps and Hornets 400 mL Effect Insecticide against Wasps and Hornets 750 ml
UPC/EAN code 3830050600953 3830043538379
Net weight in kg 0,397 0,7
Gross weight in kg 0,405 0,73
Product shape cylinder cylinder
Storage regime room temperature room temperature
Expiration date 1095 1095
Packaging mode cardboard cardboard
Nr. of layers per pallet 6 4

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