Organic fertilizer for soil activation

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High-quality organic fertilizer that contains all the main plant life nutrients and microorganisms that biologically activate the soil.


  • Contains all main nutrients and micro-nutrients, humic and fulvic acids and 22 billion microorganisms per gram
  • Does not contain any disease germs, plant pests or weed seed
  • High-quality organic food that is heat processed and in pellet form
  • Contains 40% of organic matter, increasing the biological soil activity for a high-quality and stable yield
  • Contains many humic acids 5-10% for increased plant growth and resistance
  • fertilizer in form of micro-pellets for easy strewing and even decomposition in the soil
  • no weed seeds


Biogrena is a completely natural fertilizer that enriches the soil with organic matter and increases the humus formation rate, providing better plant fertility. The high amount of microbiological activity revitalizes the soil life and creates a biological equilibrium by releasing the nutrients captured in the soil. BIOGRENA is a completely homogeneous fertilizer providing constant quality.

Several years of efficacy testing:
Uses of Biogrena on various plant types gave surprising results. This time we will examine the effectiveness of fertilizing tomatoes, cabbages, spinach and peaches with Biogrena. We compared Biogrena to other fertilizers, examining the yield quantity (t/ha) on tomatoes, cabbages, spinach and peaches. The graph shows that the yield is much larger when using Biogrena, irrelevant of the plant type. The tomato yield increase for 21.7%, cabbage for 30%, spinach for 80.2% and peaches for 46%. Our experiments proved excellent results also with the quality, appearance and maturing rate of the plants. The tomato ripened 3-5 earlier, the cabbage 8 days. The peach leaves showed an abundant decrease in chlorosis occurrences when fertilized with Biogrena (32%). Peach picking was necessary 7 days earlier and the yield was of much better quality. All this data proves that by using Biogrena we improve some of the biological plant trouble and considerably increase the yield amount and quality. Regarding the yield and picking time, using Biogrena also tremendously increases the financial effect of plant production.

Biogrena is used on all soil areas. Appropriate for fertilizing all plant types. It can be used throughout the entire year. Strew Biogrena on the soil and dig in lightly. Use 20 kg of Biogrena per 100 m2. If fertilizing twice a year, in spring and fall, use only half of the fertilizer quantity with each fertilizing (10 kg in spring and 10 kg in fall).

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Product Biogrena 10 kg Biogrena 25 kg
UPC/EAN code 3830001590340 3830001590357
Net weight in kg 10 25
Gross weight in kg 10 25,65
Product shape oval oval
Storage regime room temperature room temperature
Expiration date 1825 1825
Packaging mode bag bag
Nr. of layers per pallet 15 10

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