Organic fertilizer with added natural kalium

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Plantella Organik K

Plantella Organik K is a long-lasting 100% organic fertilizer with high potassium levels for fruit vegetables.


  • Resistant to drought
  • In pellet-form
  • Enriched with potassium from natural sources
  • Contains humic and fulvic acids
  • Contains all the necessary nitrogen and phosphorus
  • The yield becomes more firm and with enriched taste
  • Nutrients are released gradually so there is no danger of nutirnt leakage into the groundwater
  • Especially suitable for soil preparation with sowing, planting and additional fertilizng
  • Long-lasting effect for up to 6 months
  • Especially suitable for crops that require a large amount of potassium, but little chlorine
  • The organic matter improves the nutrient intake from the soil
  • Heat-treated and in pellet-form, does not contain any weed seeds or pathogens

Fertilizing with Plantella Organik K improves the soil structure and helps the roots absorb more oxygen to improve the plant growth. The organic material provides good nutrient intake from the soil and the added potassium improves the yield quality.

7,5 kg, 20 kg

It comes in the form of pellets that are simply strewn on the soil surface.
It is advisable to bury the pellets into the soil to activate the fertilizer and help it reach the root system area quickly and prevent nutrient leakage.


Plants: Kiwi, grape-vine, citrus fruit, tomato, asparagus, beetroot Pear, apple, peach, grape-vine, strawberry, olive, corn Tobacco, melon, watermelon Vegetable garden, flower garden
Kg/100 m2: 12 15 10 25
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