Plantella Contessa

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Plantella Contessa

Contessa is a special grass mixture containing coated grass seeds that is suitable for all types of terrain.


  • coated seed has higher weight which allows for precise sowing and better contact with the ground,
  • the coating of seeds contains nutritions for the initial germination,
  • the coated seed is of no interest to birds,
  • rapid initial growth,
  • beautiful and dense sod,
  • ideal for reseeding empty spots in the lawn,


Contessa is a special blend of coated seeds, consisting of high-quality grass seeds, which are suitable for all conditions. Each seed is coated with exactly as much nutrition as needed to start the germination. Nutrition is released when the seed absorbs sufficient ammount of moisture, giving seed vitality and power in the early stages of development. Fast growing grass mixture is suitable for yards, parks, recreational areas and sports fields.


1 kg


1 kg is sufficient for 30 m2.
Best period for sowing is in spring, from April to May, and in autumn, in September. It is best to sow in cloudy weather without wind. Grass seed should be distributed as evenly as possible, approximately 30 to 35 g per 1 m2. After sowing, the surface should be gently rolled and equally sprayed with water. Grass seeds germinate in 14 to 28 days.

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Product Plantella Contessa 1 kg
UPC/EAN code 3830043538416
Net weight in kg 1
Gross weight in kg 1,119
Product shape rectangle
Storage regime room temperature
Expiration date 730
Packaging mode foil
Nr. of layers per pallet 6

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