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Plantella Arion +

The effective product against snails in vegetable and ornamental gardens, orchards and vineyards that is also highly resistant to moisture.

Effective protection against harmful snails due to:

  • Aimed effect against all types of snails and slugs
  • Alluring snail bait that keeps pests away from the plants
  • Immediate effect prevents pest from feeding on plants after ingestion
  • Extremely stable in various weather conditions which enables a long-lasting protection
  • Excellent moisture resistance means it is active during the highest snail activity period.

The bait in the form of pellets attracts the snails with its alluring taste and prevents them from feeding on other food sources. Immediately after ingesting the bait the snail loses its appetite and crawls into hiding, where it perishes. The complete extent of the ingested effect is reached in 6 days.

250 g suffices for 50 m2 area
500 g suffices for 100 m2 area

Directions for use: Use the product at the first sight of snail appearance. Dust on the surface: 5g/m2 or set the bait in special small containers. If the snails eat up all of the bait, repeat the application. For an even more effective protection of plants against snails use the product in the evening or on wet days, when the snails come out of hiding.

Waiting period: Waiting period for garden vegetables, strawberries, fruit trees and vines is 21 days. For ornamental plants it is provided through the method of use.

Storage: Store in tightly closed original container, in a dry and well-ventilated place. Keep away from sources of ignition and combustible mater.

Removal: A completely emptied packaging can be removed as non-hazardous waste. Hand it over, free of charge, to an authorized waste collector or waste collection site. Handle non-empty packaging as hazardous waste. The empty packaging, product remains and expired preparations are to be handed over to an authorized waste collector. Act according to the environmental legislation regarding handling hazardous waste and handling packaging and waste packaging.

Note: Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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Product Bio Plantella Arion plus 250g Bio Plantella Arion plus 500g
UPC/EAN code 3830043535538 3830043535552
Net weight in kg 0,25 0,5
Gross weight in kg 0,25 0,5
Product shape rectangle rectangle
Storage regime room temperature room temperature
Expiration date 730 730
Packaging mode cardboard cardboard
Nr. of layers per pallet 6 6

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