Plantella red woodchips

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Plantella red woodchips

Naturally colored conifer woodchips are suitable for partial covering and decoratio. They prevent weed, erosion and drought.


  • provides a highly esthetic appearance, decreases the amount of hoeing needed and prevents the weed from spreading
  • increases the humus accumulation process
  • protects the soil against extreme temperature changes and retains the soil moisture and warmth
  • decreases the need for watering

The woodchips prevent the weed from growing, protect the soil from drying up (retain the moisture in the soil) and protect the soil against erosion.

45 l

100% woodchips (15-80mm)

Spread the wood chips onto the ground to partially or completely cover the decorative beds, cleared surfaces under bushes, fruit or decorative trees. Before covering hoe the surface to make it even and remove any weeds. Plants with shallow roots (i.e. Rhododendrons) should be sprinkled with fertilizers containing nitrogen before adding the woodchips and then covered with a layer of chips 4-5 cm thick. During the year you can hoe the woodchips on the partly covered surface to ensure a wonderful appearance of your garden. With the completely covered surface it is advisable to add some new woodchips every 1 to 3 years to revive the color of the woodchip covering.

Time of application:

  1. JAN
  2. FEB
  3. MAR
  4. APR
  5. MAY
  6. JUN
  7. JUL
  8. AUG
  9. SEP
  10. OCT
  11. NOV
  12. DEC

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