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Plantella Stop moss 3in1

Stop moss for an airy and healthy lawn without irregularities.


  • Eliminates and prevents irregularities on the lawn,
  • Provides needs nutrients and loosens and airs the grass surface
  • Added main nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) enable fast accrual and strong growth.

Added main nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) enable fast accrual and strong growth. The product contains flint sand to air and loosen the grass surface.

Plantella Stop moss 3in1 powder for dense lawns has a triple effect: 1) "stop moss", 2) aeration of the lawn and 3) fertilisation.


  • flint sand min. 88 %,
  • iron 3 %,
  • nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium.

Use: Strew the Plantella Stop moss 3in1 evenly on freshly mowed lawn as a prevention method against irregularities (5 kg/100 m2). In case of irregularities existence on the lawn, strew 10 kg/100 m2. For a better effect water the lawn after treatment. The irregularities will dry up a few days after treatment, so you can simply hoe i away. The special product can cause minor burn marks, but the lawn quickly renews itself. It leaves stains in concrete products and floor coverings, so extra caution is required with application. Before strewing protect your hands by wearing gloves. For better soil airing and moss prevention use the special Plantella Flints sand product in the following dosage: 25 kg/10 m2.

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