Membrane Fertilizer for Roses

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Plantella Formula 365 for Roses

The Membrane Fertilizers Formula 365 presents a technological accomplishment in the field of plant nutrition.


  • Prolonged action: the nutrients are slowly released regarding the soil temperature and provide a well-balanced plant nutrition.
  • Technological achievement: based on a technologically advanced membrane that surrounds the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients.
  • Environment-friendly: the monitored and gradual nutrient release makes the fertilizer eco-friendly, because it does not burden the groundwater.
  • Once in the season: a single fertilizing is enough for the (professional) care of your bushes throughout the entire growth period and provides the perfect appearance of your surroundings.
  • 5x less consumption: the fertilizer use is more rational, since we use 5x less fertilizer in a year for the same surface amount.
  • Easy use: the care of your bushes is now made easy and the newly available free time, thanks to less needed fertilizing, is well spent enjoying the marvelous surroundings of our home.


Plantella Formula 365 is a smart fertilizer. The moisture in the soil protrudes the membrane and dissolves the nutrients so they are set free just when needed most – in the growth period. The membranes work on temperature basis: at lower temperatures, when the plants are resting the membrane sets free fewer nutrients and vice versa. This makes sure the plants always receive the required amount of nutrients. Gradual nutrient release insures luscious and healthy roses throughout the entire season.


1 kg



  • Initial planting: mix the fertilizer with the soil and cover the rose`s root ball and fill the planting hole up to the top. Tread the soil lightly and water the plants well.
  • Additional fertilizing: Strew the fertilizer evenly around the rose and hue it lightly with some soil.


50 g/m2 or 1 kg/20 m2.

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Product Plantella Membrane Fertilizer for Roses FORMULA 365 1 kg
UPC/EAN code 3830050600007
Net weight in kg 1,06
Gross weight in kg 1,11
Product shape rectangle
Storage regime room temperature
Expiration date 1825
Packaging mode foil
Nr. of layers per pallet 4

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