Brodifacoum Wax Blocks

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Raimor Brodifacoum Wax Blocks

Ready-to-use extruded wax blocks rodenticide for mice and rats.


  • highly effective in small doses (Single Feed)
  • highly resistant to environment specifics (especially suitable for moist and exterior places)
  • containing a preservative that prevents molding and protects the bait from bacteria and fungus
  • highly effective due to delayed action
  • contains a bitter aversive agent

Rodenticide for mice and rats. Ready-to-use extruded wax blocks, designed with lots of edges, enabling rodents to gnaw. They provide excellent performance even when exposed to damp conditions or in places with high temperatures.


300 g

Active ingredients:


  • Mice: 10 to 20 g every 2 – 5 m;
  • Rats: 10 to 60 g every 5 – 10 m


  1. JAN
  2. FEB
  3. MAR
  4. APR
  5. MAY
  6. JUN
  7. JUL
  8. AUG
  9. SEP
  10. OCT
  11. NOV
  12. DEC

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